Night Listeners – I return this week a heavier dose of tunes from the basement of our blessed heartland. Station manager Gary shared a Hawks LP with me that I am really digging. They were out of the Otho/Fort Dodge area back in the early 80s. They have a really catchy rock-pop vibe to them that always gives me an amazing sense of freedom. I also spent some time jamming The Des Moines 4 Track
Iowa Basement Tapes #1 7-5-2018 Nearly ten years in the making and almost 20 years of collecting musical output from my home state of Iowa. It was 2010 when I first stepped into the studios of what was then 99.1 FM KFMG. A community-based radio station that at the time was broadcasting out of the top floor of the Hotel Fort Des Moines. I would park my car on 10th street and walk into the

Crypt TV Releases Bath Bomb!

Posted by @kristianday on April 14, 2018
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The world has changed a lot over the last ten years. When I started out making films there was really no home for short films except for the film festival circuit. They were created as a way for future directors to show off their skills. Now in 2018 short films have found a home in the streaming service world. Crypt TV is a horror streaming service started by Eli Roth (director of Hostel). A handful
The April issue of Cityview is on the stands which means my latest Couch Surfing column is out! This one holds a special place in my heart because I met this guy while I was at the Minneapolis Greyhound Station. The place was just as disgusting as any other bus station out there (I will say that the St. Paul bus station is actually really nice). I was having a rough day and I was
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