Night listeners – Tonight I played part one of my interview with former Cedar Rapids native Adam Groves. He played bass and sang in the PeePee’s, Wheel and the Fence, and Brazil. He is also the artist behind one of my favorite musical acts, Deerslayer. He currently resides in Singapore so when I recorded him it was 11AM CST but it was 11PM Singapore time. The quality is a little rough at times as I
Night Listeners, This week I am in the KFMG studios with studio manger Gary Monte interviewing filmmaker Jack Meggers about his life in Mason City during the grunge era of the 90s. We play his band Ming’s Daughter as well as fellow northern Iowa bands Todd’s Neat Futons and Sorry Excuse. Jack left Iowa for fifteen years and returned in 2014 where he was reintroduced to Iowa’s music scene. He brings on a handful of
Night Listeners – Happy Thanksgiving! If you are one of our listeners from KCOE in Cedar Rapids, we have a ton of tunes from your neck of the woods. Digging through the crates we got an old demo from ol’ Will Whitmore of his tune “Gravel Road”. This was ripped directly from the cassette that was mailed to Brad Adita for the Another Day In The Air compilations. I also got new newer tunes from
Night Listeners of KFMG & KCOE – This is our first road trip show! 90% of this weeks episode was recorded while driving in a minivan to Madison, WI with Dylan Sires (of the band Sires). We blast through a lot of tunes originating from the Cedar Valley, something I haven’t done in a while. Bare with us, the sound quality is questionable at times because… we are in a minivan. If you miss the
Night Listeners of 98.9FM KFMG – Dude, October is coming to an end! I hope everyone has been enjoying the Halloween season to the fullest potential. Tonight was our last show for October. The next time you hear my voice it will be November. I can’t say much will change around here. I will still be playing the best in the heartland’s alternative music but Iowa Basement Tapes is in the process of syndicating to
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